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Northdown Motor Services
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Piers's bus Stop

What was London & Country......
Then Arriva took over....BAD NEWS


All that now exists in Guildford & West Surrey

When Arriva took over in 1997, everything started to go down hill. First Leatherhead was closed, Arriva lost the 85 and the 465. The 479 was lengthened to Guildford. 465 went to Tellings Golden Miller with several Green Dart SLFs. The 85 went to London United with 12 Daf Palatine 2 Double Deckers. the 406 and 293 went to Merstham....Merstham gave up the 293 to General and the 406 went to United. New Route 460 from Merstham to Epsom was opperated untill Merstham was shut along with Crawley on April 26th 2001.Metro Bus took over at Crawley. All that now exists is Guildford, Horsham, Woking and Cranleigh. With Volvo Citybus(610,2,3,4,6,7/ Leyland Olympian(901,7,8)/ Metrobus(Various)/ Dennis Dominator (DD13,14,15,16)Double Deckers, Volvo B6 (V207,8,9,10,11,12, 513,514,515,516)/ Dennis Darts (SLF/DS/DSL)/ Lances (LSL005-9) And a Hand full of Minibuses.


610, last B10M repainted into Arriva Livery (From L&C)(June 2001)